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What is a “Non-Compete” Agreement?

Non-Compete Agreement Dan Burke
Though we might all be guilty of not reading Terms and Conditions in their entirety, it’s still important to understand exactly what you’re agreeing to by signing any dotted lines. One common form that employees may encounter is a non-compete agreement, and it’s crucial to know all the strings that…

What To Look For In An Employee Agreement

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One of the key components to securing a new job is to understand the employee agreement contract - knowing what conditions you are adhering to and reading the fine print. Here are some things you need to be aware of before signing your contract. Title and Job Description This may…

Why A Lawyer Should Draft Employee Agreements

Employee Agreement Lawyer San Antonio
What is an Employee Agreement? An employee agreement is a legal contract establishing a formal relationship between an employer and the new employee. An “at-will employee” is someone hired on without an employee agreement and can be fired “at-will” without cause at any time. Having an employee agreement sets up…