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What is Considered Trespassing in Texas?

Trespassing in Texas Dan Burke
Most people understand trespassing as entering private property without permission. While this is a good start, it’s important for residential and commercial property owners to know everything about trespass laws, from giving notice to pursuing legal action against trespassers. Let’s start by discussing what is considered trespassing under Texas property…

Why Quitclaim Deeds Aren’t Used in Texas

Quitclaim Deed Dan Burke Law
The most important part of buying or selling property is the deed, which is the legal document that transfers the property title from the seller to the buyer. But not all deeds are the same. While there are multiple ways to legally transfer property such as a house, there’s one…

Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Deeds

property deed
Deeds are part of any real estate transaction. Knowing what is right and wrong when writing a deed is key in ironing out the fine details during the transfer of ownership. Here are some important tips for writing a deed. Where To Start Preparing a deed by yourself is possible,…