What You Need to Know About Breaches of Contract

person signing a contract

If you are new to the business world or new to signing contracts, staying informed on how to protect yourself is important. There are many different types of breaches of contract – but do you know how to handle them?

Check out some of the common breaches of contract and how you can go about them.

Common types of breaches of contract

Actual breach

  • If you have signed a contract and agreed to finish a project by April 1st, that is the agreement. If you refuse to complete the project until April 2nd, that is an actual breach of contract, because you are refusing against the actual date that you signed on.

Anticipatory breach

  • If you refuse to complete the project prior to April 1st, that is an anticipatory breach, because you are anticipating your breach of contract – it is all ‘talk’ at this point.

Material breach

  • If you, as the client, get your finished project back and it is nothing like what you expected (in a good or bad way), this can be considered a material breach.

Partial breach

  • If you get the finished project back and it is everything you wanted, but it is missing a small piece of what you requested within the contract, this would be a partial breach.

What can you do

If you are in a situation where you have hired a party to complete a task, signed a contract with them and they break it, you have the right to refuse to pay them and consider that contract voided. If you are unsure if there has been a breach, contact a breach of contract lawyer as soon as possible to get help on the matter. Your lawyer can advise you best on what you should do in this situation to keep you safe and protected against being liable for damages.

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