Why Should I Get An Attorney Before Leasing?

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Leasing a house or an apartment is an exciting time in anyone’s life! Whether you’re excited about a new beginning financially or nervous about leasing your property, you’re not alone. Dan Burke Attorney at Law is here to help!

Whether you’re drafting a lease for the first time or looking for more tenants, looking into a lawyer will help with your leasing. Meeting with an attorney can also help you further prevent any problems that might arise in the future, such as lawsuits. Here are some of the reasons you should look into hiring an attorney before leasing!

1. To Perform A Lease Review

Accuracy is one of the main reasons you should get an attorney before leasing property. Writing contracts that will hold up in court is tough to do on your own, and defining terms can be critical to protecting your property.

Working with an attorney is also important for catching any issues within the writing of your lease before it is officially signed. These can be law-breaking terms, bad financial decisions and even unclear phrasing. Having an attorney perform a lease review will also remove any problematic ideas behind your words that you may not have even known were there!

2. To Understand Legal Responsibility

Landlords have a lot of responsibilities upon them when they decide to lease a property. Depending on what area of the United States you’re leasing from, you have widely different legal responsibilities. Failing to meet your legal obligations means the tenant can sue for damages, so it’s essential to know and recognize them!

These responsibilities can vary from how much rent you can charge, how many times you can raise rent and what repair you will be liable for. These are all extremely important to recognize within the lease. By providing your responsibilities to your client in the lease, you’re much more likely to have regular communication and less neglect of your property if it needs repairs.

3. To Follow Real Estate Law

To continue being able to lease property, you need an attorney that is well-versed in real estate regulations. Because state law tends to be generic in its wording on the rules surrounding what landlords must do, it’s necessary to consult an attorney on what those expectations are in detail. Most states have a general real estate regulation that landlords must follow such as:

  • · Keep property habitable and livable.
  • · Return security deposits within a reasonable time frame.
  • · Respect tenant privacy with limited exception.
  • · Don’t break the lease in any way, shape or form.


Laws can differ from state to state, so an attorney can further specify what you need to do to satisfy state law. This can ensure that you don’t stray outside regulation for any reason.

Call Today For A Lease Review With A San Antonio Lawyer!

Dan Burke offers affordable consultations for tenants and landlords in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you’re drafting your first lease or your thousandth, consulting with an attorney will help protect you and your property. Call today for a lease review with over ten years of experience!


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