Purchase or Sale Consultation

client and lawyer shaking hands over an agreement

Real Estate Purchase or Sale Consultation

Buying property and selling property are equally taxing when you consider all of the requirements that go into each process. For first time buyers or sellers, it can be an experience full of self-doubt and second-guessing, but it doesn’t have to be. Hiring a real estate attorney can prevent the common mistakes that new buyers and sellers often make.

No Room For Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes that new buyers and sellers make is that they aren’t thorough enough. We’ve all been there. Buyers may get swept away by aesthetic touches and overlook structural warning signs. Similarly, sellers can get too excited to put their home on the market and overlook small repairs that can be deal breakers for potential buyers.

Real estate attorneys are trained to notice and bring your attention to potential risks, so you don’t find out the hard way later on.

Serving Your Best Interests

New buyers and sellers are also prone to making the mistake of falling victim to their emotions. First-time sellers almost always price their homes too high because of the sentimental value they place on it. New buyers often fall in love with a home for its appearance and have their heart set on living in it – no matter what.

A real estate lawyer has the expertise to serve your best interests by negotiating the details as a voice of reason.

Real Estate Contract Drafting and Review

When it comes to real estate contracts, buyers and sellers often make the mistake of not covering all of their bases. A real estate attorney knows what goes into a contract and how to best protect their client. If you hire an attorney for this reason alone, it will be worth it.

The biggest mistake that first-time buyers and sellers make is that they try to do it on their own. San Antonio real estate attorney, Daniel Burke, has the expertise and desire to help his clients accomplish their real estate goals in a personable, professional way. Schedule your free consultation with Daniel today and start turning your dreams of selling or buying a home into reality.