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Real Estate Deed Preparation

When it comes time to transfer the ownership of your property, whether you’re selling it or giving it to a family member, you should leave no room for error in your real estate deed preparation. Hiring a real estate attorney to prepare or review your deed will protect you from the common mistakes seen in many self-written deeds.

To fully understand the importance of having an attorney prepare a deed, you need to understand what a deed actually is. A deed is a legal document that passes the ownership of a property from one person to another. In order for a deed to be considered valid in the state of Texas, it must meet some requirements.

  • Deeds must be in writing
  • Deeds must be dated
  • Contain a legal description of the property
  • And more

Real Estate Deed Requirements

All real estate deeds must be in writing. Verbal agreements are not considered valid in Texas. The deed must also include the buyer’s name and be signed by the seller. It’s critical that the spelling of both parties’ names is accurate. The deed also must contain a legal description of the property – this is especially important if you’re only selling a portion of your property. Finally, the deed must be delivered to and accepted by the buyer.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney

When it comes to airtight contracts, deeds, and other real estate documents, it’s hard to beat a real estate attorney.  They’ll maintain your best interest while drafting or reviewing your real estate deed with an eye for detail required by such legal documents. Additionally, attorneys are familiar with state laws that you may not be aware of and can further strengthen your deed while protecting your interests.

At the end of the day, selling or transferring your property is no small feat and having a professional prepare your real estate deed is invaluable. San Antonio real estate attorney, Daniel Burke, understands the stress and pressure that comes with selling your property. He works to ensure that the process is as seamless and stress-free as possible for his clients.

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