Administration of the Estate

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Administration of the Estate

Whether your loved one had a Will or your loved one’s property is being handled through an heirship proceeding, the executor or administrator will need to administer your loved one’s estate. The executor/administrator will need to inventory your loved one’s property, value your loved one’s property, and then disburse your loved one’s property according to the Will or the Court’s order in an heirship proceeding.

Having a great probate attorney like Dan Burke to assist in the administration your loved one’s estate will make things go much easier and quicker. If you need help administering an estate, contact Dan Burke.

Responsibilities of an Executor

An executor is in charge of handling the entire process of administering the estate. He or she must locate all of the deceased’s assets and may need to have them appraised. The executor is also in charge of making sure the deceased’s debts and taxes are paid off with estate funds before finally distributing the remainder of the estate to the beneficiaries.

Sometimes, an executor dies or resigns during an administration of an estate. When this happens the next or alternate executor will be asked to administer the estate. This can get tricky and sound legal advice can be of great help.

Hiring a Probate Attorney

Because so much responsibility is put on the executor, it is common and encouraged to hire a probate lawyer. Typically, the cost of an attorney is paid for by the estate to help the executor through the administration process. Don’t try to take on the weight of estate administration alone. Especially when qualified legal help is just a call away.

Dan Burke Can Help

San Antonio probate attorney, Daniel Burke, offers affordable flat and hourly rates for legal guidance during the administration of a loved one’s estate. Let him make this difficult time a little less stressful with clear communication and strategic legal sense. For a free consultation, call or fill out the online form today!