Frequently Asked Small Business Attorney Questions

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Dan Burke Answers Your Small Business Lawyer Questions

With San Antonio’s Small Business population continuously growing, San Antonio residents are always looking for more information about small businesses. Dan Burke Attorney At Law is here to give you the answers to some of the top small business attorney questions.

1.) Should my small business hire a lawyer on retainer?

At the beginning of the client-lawyer relationship, a retainer can be helpful for a small business owner. As the relationship develops between a small-business lawyer and their attorney, the need for a retainer typically dissipates. The majority of the time, small business clients do not need to maintain a retainer requirement.

2.) Do I need a lawyer to open a small business?

In most cases, yes. An experienced lawyer can help with business formation documents and customer agreements. Further, an experienced lawyer can really help the small business person avoid expensive mistakes being made during the formation of their business.

3.) How do I choose a small business lawyer?

I suggest any potential employer personally interview the lawyer, in person or over the phone. The client should be looking for a lawyer who is experienced, approachable, and responsive to their needs. When seeking a small business lawyer, be sure to find an attorney who has demonstrated experience in the legal area they need.

4.) Do I need an attorney to buy a small business?

Oftentimes, you will need an attorney in order to purchase a small business. Most business owners will need assistance with the purchase agreement and potentially the financing agreements that take place during the formation of a business.

5.) Does my small business lawyer need to be in the same state as me?

While it isn’t strictly necessary, it is recommended that your small business lawyer be licensed in the state where you do the most business.

6.) Do I need a lawyer to create an LLC?

If the LLC in question is a multi-member LLC, then it is most likely necessary to acquire a small business attorney.

7.) What can a lawyer do to help my startup?

A small business lawyer can help with the formation of the business, customer agreement, and related issues. Ultimately, a small business attorney can help a business owner save money by preventing costly mistakes, especially during the business’s startup phase.

8.) Can a small business attorney help protect me from copyright infringement?

If you are concerned about issues with copyright infringement, it is imperative to have a small business attorney that is aware of your situation. Your business’s lawyer can assist you with the legal process necessary to protect your business.

9.) What makes a small business lawyer different from a regular lawyer?

A small business attorney has a primary focus on assisting with cases involving small businesses. This means that they have the most experience with cases and laws involving small businesses.