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Daniel Burke isn’t your average attorney. He’s not the stereotypical lawyer depicted on Breaking Bad or How to Get Away with Murder, who’ll do anything to make a buck. He’s not going to chase your ambulance when you’ve been in an accident, and he’s definitely not going to shout at you and flail his arms while his phone number scrolls across the bottom of your television screen.

That just isn’t Dan.

For the last 19 years, Daniel spent his time helping San Antonio small businesses and real estate investors achieve their dreams.“An attorney is a small business,” said Burke. “That’s why I take real pride in helping my clients grow. We’re all on the same team.”

Dan has experience working with large  companies, but quickly found that helping small businesses improve their processes, grow and thrive was his calling. He now enjoys providing San Antonio with personal and affordable legal services.

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Need legal assistance for your small business or real estate properties? Confused on how to proceed with the probating of a will? Let Daniel Burke lead the way.
San Antonio Attorney Daniel Burke delivers high-quality legal services at affordable flat and hourly rates. Whether you need airtight legal documents, friendly guidance, or an experienced legal advocate, you can count on Daniel Burke to take care of you.


The Down-to-Earth San Antonio Attorney

Experience You Can Trust

Daniel has dedicated his career to serving San Antonio families, small business owners, real estate investors and more.

On Your Team

Forget the attorneys you’ve seen on TV. Daniel is approachable, professional, and easy to work with.

Understands Your Needs

As a small business owner and REALTOR, Daniel is familiar with both your legal and everyday needs.