Personal Legal Forms

If you need legal assistance with the drafting or review of a personal legal document, Daniel Burke is here to help! Whether you need legal documents for credit, employment, family affidavits, estate planning, marriage, divorce or more, Daniel has the expertise to deliver airtight legal documents at affordable, flat and hourly rates.


When you need official, legal documents for any important communication with your employer, Dan Burke offers the flat rates you can afford. From your employment acceptance letter to salary verification, raise requests and much more, Dan Burke can help you deliver an airtight message.


When you need assistance resolving credit issues, an experienced lawyer can help you draft necessary forms to dispute fraudulent or unauthorized charges, change your address, challenge your credit report, settle debt and much more.


Any documents concerning your personal finance should not cause you stress, but you need to ensure they are filled out properly. With Daniel on your side, you’ll feel confident about all your financial paperwork, including loans, bank accounts, government benefits and taxes.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning is important in ensuring that your loved ones know exactly what you desire to happen in the event of your death. Dan Burke can help you draft straightforward estate planning documents that detail your memorial plans, Power of Attorney, living wills, trusts, last will and testament and more.

Healthcare & Medical

You may wish to draw up specific documents related to your healthcare decisions or medical records. Such documents could be essential to show how you wish to be medically treated as well as having access to insurance, records and HIPPA authorizations. Important medical documents include but are not limited to organ donation forms, birth plans, Do-Not-Resuscitate guides, and mental health power of attorney forms.

Marriage & Divorce

All documents concerning marriage and divorce processes are important to complete properly and completely. Legal assistance with either of these changes in status could help you tremendously. Professionals can help you with prenuptial agreements, marriage certificates and name change requests as well as marriage separation agreements, divorce settlements and alimony demands.

Custody & Child Support

There are also a number of documents concerning custody of a child, childcare and their continued child support that can be made easier with the help of an attorney. When it comes to children, you don’t want to take any risks that the paperwork is completed or filed incorrectly. Daniel can handle documents like child support demands, parenting plans, child visitation letters, temporary guardianship agreements, consent for medical treatment of a minor and travel consent forms.