2 Red Flags To Look Out For In A Lease

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One of the crucial aspects of adulthood is signing your first lease. While it may be refreshing and exciting for some, it may be a bit stressful to learn the responsibilities of owning or renting property. Whether it’s your first lease or your last, you should check some key things to ensure that you don’t accidentally sign yourself into a situation that could be detrimental to you.

We know the small things matter here at Dan Burke Law in San Antonio, Texas. We’re here to help you understand what to watch out for before you sign a lease. We also offer various services at our offices, ranging from small business law to probate law.

What Should I Look Out For When Signing A Lease?

While you should always have a real estate lawyer look over your lease, some big red flags can help you narrow your housing choices. If you notice your landlord seems to hide something or wants you to handle situations out of your control, know when to say no!

The Tenant Is Responsible For Fixing Any Damages

While you may be excited at the prospect of a new property, always ensure that the landlord is responsible for the repairs. It’s important to be wary of causing damage to your home – any pre-existing damage can be heavy on your wallet.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to show a safe and habitable property for future residents. If a lease specifies that the tenant is responsible for repairs, it could be saddling you with issues from the previous tenant. This can be avoided, but signing the lease means you bear the full responsibility for costs and repairs.

No Visitation Before You Sign Your Lease

While this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker immediately, not being able to view the property before signing the lease can lead to disappointment. Not allowing you to see the property is a sign that they’re probably hiding something from you, like mold, stains, awful paint jobs and general imperfections.

Before signing the lease, urge to see the apartment or building. If they refuse, consider looking elsewhere.

How Real Estate Contracts Work In Texas

Because a lease is a binding agreement between a renter and an owner, you must fully understand what you’re signing. The average real estate lease in Texas is 12 months, meaning an entire year of your life can be dedicated to maintaining a property that wasn’t properly taken care of. If you think a lease isn’t the right way to go, other contracts in real estate may better suit your needs and financial situation.

In particular, if you want full control over your space, consider closing a sale on the house. This way, the specifications of the lease don’t incur any fines.

When To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

There are a lot of reasons why an attorney that specializes in real estate is helpful. Most of these attorneys will be able to help you with your leasing but will also assist in property matters outside of renting. These can include representing you in commercial real estate transactions, navigating zoning and land use laws and resolving title issues during the closing process.

Even if you’re not transferring the title of a property, settling disputes surrounding real estate is helpful with an attorney by your side. Attorneys review and negotiate the terms of contracts that are very useful during disputes of ownership or disagreements on reset contracts.

Call Today For A San Antonio Real Estate Lawyer

When you’re looking for a new apartment or rental property, navigating the legal system alone can be disheartening. Here at Dan Burke Law, we are here to fight for you no matter the circumstances! Whether it’s your first lease or your thousandth, you deserve protection. Call today for a lawyer that specializes in real estate for an affordable price and friendly service!


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