3 Ways Attorneys Help You Start Your Small Business

legal meeting to start a small business

When setting up your exciting new business, the last thing you want to get in your way is confusing paperwork! Whether you have a unique idea you want to implement or are just looking for help setting up your LLC, Dan Burke Law is here to help.

Attorneys are an excellent asset for setting up a small business and can be extremely helpful in protecting your licensure and handling future problems. Attorneys are beneficial with the paperwork and bureaucratic parts of setting up a business while advocating for your best interest.

Starting A Small Business

When starting a small business, getting lost in all the paperwork and legal regulations can be easy. Attorneys can be especially helpful as small businesses need to choose which type of business they are legally considered. This can have massive effects on issues such as:

  • – Personal property protection
  • – Liability protections
  • – Tax considerations
  • – Regulations

When you’re talking to your attorney about what is most vital for you in your small business, make sure to mention these considerations. For example, a gym may want to emphasize personal property and liability protection more than a thrift store would. This means it may be necessary to use a corporation as an entity instead of a sole proprietorship. Having an attorney walk you through your options can save you time, money and a lot of stress!

Employee Agreements

Before you start onboarding people to help you run your business, asking your attorney about employee contracts is a great idea. Whether it’s contract review, drafting or ensuring that you’re complying with essential employment laws, attorneys can save you from a lot of trouble. Make sure your business maintains the promises it sets in contracts. This ensures your business’s safety and improves your relationships with your employees.

Another large part of employee onboarding is negotiation. Having an attorney nearby can help you learn about competition locally and what you can expect when hiring experienced employees. This means that you and your new employee will mutually understand the terms outlined in the contract!

Limited Company Agreements

If you want to grow or expand your small business, making agreements with other companies is helpful. This can boost your company’s outreach and even increase the product you carry through partnerships. Whether for advertising or if you simply want to increase your reputation in new areas, attorneys can solidify agreements and contracts that will benefit you and the company you’re forming the deal with.

An attorney can assist with drafting and editing the essential documents, making sure that you benefit from the partnership. This is important as it can prevent exploitation and unfair distributions, which can cost you a lot in the long run.

Call Today For Your Small Business Law Consultation!

If you want to set up your small business, you shouldn’t let anything get in your way! A San Antonio small business attorney can help you set up the company of your dreams without all the hassle! At Dan Burke Law in San Antonio, Texas, we know our 19 years of experience will help you reach your dreams! Call today to get the help you need to become your boss.


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