What is the Difference Between Property Transfer and Property Sale?

property sale and transfer in texas

Learn the Difference between Property Transfer and Property Sale with Dan Burke Law

For those looking to move homes, navigating legal language can be exhausting. Real estate law is a field with a lot of up-charges, legal terminology, and contracts that make it impossible for the everyday person to navigate without any trouble. This lack of communication from the field has affected a lot of the San Antonio real estate markets, meaning that homes are appreciating at a borderline unrealistic rate.

This is why whenever you’re having to do the research on your own, it’s always great to have a friend at hand. Looking for an attorney that is affordable, trustworthy, and charges flat rates means that you have a fair start in a market that isn’t friendly to those who don’t work in it. Dan Burke Attorney at Law explains the main differences between these two processes and how to navigate the real estate market.


What Does it Mean to Transfer a Property?

The transfer of property is a process where there is no offer of money in return for the property in question. Rather, there is a new deed signed to transfer ownership over to the recipient of the property. A real estate deed is used to facilitate transactions of the property so that the state can recognize that a transfer is happening and the arrangements behind the scene can be made.

The process of transferring property ownership is relatively simple, with only a few steps:

  • First, discuss terms and conditions with the recipient in question. This may need to be done with an attorney present in order to prevent any issues.
  • Then, you can begin the paperwork. Paperwork is very important in this particular transaction, but only requires a change of ownership form for your state and a change of the title on the deed.
  • Finally, find a San Antonio real estate official to notarize and file the deed!


What Does it Mean to be Selling a Property?


The selling of a property means that there is an offer of money in return for the property. This is one of the more common methods for a change in property ownership. Most often it is done with a real estate agent rather than an attorney, but both can certainly help close a sale faster. To properly sell your house, there are a few steps that you need to take to make sure that you get everything closed with a nice finish.

First, you need to set up the sale of your home. This includes hiring a qualified agent in your area to set up a timeline for the real estate deed, getting a home inspection, and doing research on the market.
Second, you can do the marketing aspect of selling your house. This includes getting photos of your house, putting it on the market, and setting a realistic price for buyers.
Finally, you should look at the more technical aspects of closing on a sale of the house. This is where you will need to hire a real estate attorney in order to weigh implications and properly fill out the paperwork to close.


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