Inventory and Documentation

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Will & Inventory

The process of probating a will is no small task. Before the process even begins, important documents of the deceased must be located. The Will or other Estate planning documents normally provide important information, such as the financial situation of the deceased, namely, what they own and what they owe.

After the Will is probated, the court will require an inventory of your Loved One’s estate or at least an affidavit in lieu of the inventory. If the executor is going to file an inventory, he/she will need the information (normally recent statements) for:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings accounts
  • Credit cards and more
  • Vehicles and Properties owned by Loved One

Finally, the executor will need all the information about his/her Loved One’s debts, including medical bills, insurance bills, car payments, house payments, loan payments and more.

Let Dan Help

All the above can be overwhelming. The advice and guidance from an experienced probate attorney like Dan Burke can make a daunting task seem simple. Dan knows the ins and outs of Probate Law and will make sure that your Love One’s Estate is properly accounted for. Schedule your free consultation with Dan today!