What Is A Living Will?

What is a Living Will?

You always want to be prepared for the unexpected. In the event of medical care, getting your voice in your healthcare decisions should be one of your number one priorities. Signing a living will grants you the power to you prepare for your health treatments if you can’t properly communicate your wishes.

At Dan Burke Law, we know that life is unpredictable and can throw unexpected things your way. We’re here to share how important it is to have a living will and how you can have one ready for you and your loved ones. Keep reading to learn more!

What’s Covered In A Living Will?

A living will is a formal document that states one’s wishes for medical treatment if they are unable to give consent or communicate their preferences. These documents state what kind of medical treatments should be given to the person who signs them. This is typically for those who become terminally ill or are critically injured and cannot give their consent towards medical treatments. Some of the treatments living wills cover are:

  • CPR
  • Ventilators
  • Pacemakers and ICDs
  • Artificial nutrition and hydration
  • Organ donations

Using these devices requires consent for a variety of reasons. Getting these preferences formally written in a document will ensure that your voice is heard for these medical decisions. You can also get these preferences updated at any time in your living will if any major life events occur. It’s never a bad idea to prepare for any kind of circumstance by signing your medical preferences in a living will.

Why Should I Get A Living Will Today?

Life can be unpredictable in the best and worst ways. While we always hope for the worst to never happen, it’s always best to be prepared than not. Getting a living will allows you to share your medical preferences just in case you need them.

In these circumstances, your loved ones are there to support you, but these decisions can be a heavy burden to carry. These decisions can be complicated and often come with long-term consequences. Give your loved one’s one less burden to shoulder by planning for any unforeseeable accident or serious illness.

Who Should I Talk To For A Living Will?

You can get a living will from a probate lawyer who will guide you through this formal document. First, talk to your doctor and loved ones to understand how different medical treatments can affect your health and choose what’s best for you. Getting these insights from medical professionals will get you prepared to sign the document.

This is also your chance to reflect on what matters most to you in a medical emergency. You deserve to have the final say in your medical treatments, and getting a living will ensures your preferences are fully understood and applied. A probate lawyer will get your document witnessed and notarized. You can create a sense of peace knowing that your medical decisions are properly written in case anything unexpected happens.

Getting An Affordable Will With Dan Burke Law

If you have any questions about signing a living will, get in touch with Dan Burke Law. We talk you through your medical preferences and ensure that your voice is heard when it matters most. Contact us for an appointment today!


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