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wedding rings and a gavel representing a prenuptial agreement

What are the Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement?

While the ideal marriage lasts a lifetime, life is turbulent, and you and your partner may be going your own separate ways. However, the life that you have built together has yet to be settled, leaving a lot of assets in a messy and unusual situation that could take months…
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woman signing a deed

What are Common Types of Deeds?

The legal literature surrounding home ownership can be overwhelming, under-rewarding and repetitive if you don’t do it right the first time. This type of complicated legal matter doesn't have to be so difficult whenever you have help from trusted professionals, especially with something as beloved as a family home. That's…
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property sale and transfer in texas

What is the Difference Between Property Transfer and Property Sale?

Learn the Difference between Property Transfer and Property Sale with Dan Burke Law For those looking to move homes, navigating legal language can be exhausting. Real estate law is a field with a lot of up-charges, legal terminology, and contracts that make it impossible for the everyday person to navigate…
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real estate tour

Injury Accidents While Touring Real Estate

An essential part of the real estate industry is offering open house tours to those who may be interested in buying property. Potential home buyers often need an in-person visual of the property, and usually like to get a feel for the place to make sure they’ll find comfort residing…
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business identity theft, small business in san antonio

What Is Business Identity Theft?

Did you know that identity theft can happen on a large scale? Very few people understand how this issue can affect more than just one individual in certain scenarios. Business identity theft is extremely damaging for small companies and can cause unnecessary stress. At Dan Burke Law, our goal is…
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legal title, legal deed, San Antonio real estate, real estate law

What Is The Legal Difference Between A Title And A Deed?

In the world of real estate law, the terminology can be confusing. Titles and deeds are two terms that are very common when buying or selling a home. It is essential to understand the legality and meaning of both words. Dan Burke Law strives to help with your San Antonio…
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san antonio small business attorney

When Should I Hire a Business Attorney?

As a new business owner, hiring an attorney can seem like a daunting task. You may be unsure if you need a lawyer at all, much less what they can help you with. Our team at Dan Burke Attorney at Law in San Antonio, TX is ready to answer those…
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real estate attorney

​​Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney?

If you're currently planning to purchase or sell a home or property, a real estate agent is generally the first person to contact. Real estate agents are traditionally seen as the go-to professionals for securing a mortgage and closing on a house. However, in many states, real estate attorneys also…
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NDA Agreement Questions

Wondering What An NDA Is?

The term "NDA" is frequently heard in the news, but what does it actually mean? How do they affect us at the business level or the personal level? Non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) are legal contract agreements that can be difficult to understand at first. Dan Burke Law provides readers with an…
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business and corporate attorney

Differences Between a Business and Corporate Attorney

Whether you’re starting a new business in San Antonio or already have a well-established business, hiring a trustworthy attorney for legal representation is crucial to your success. Not only will an attorney help protect your business by making sure you’re complying with laws and regulations, but they also help you…
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