​​Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney?

real estate attorney

If you’re currently planning to purchase or sell a home or property, a real estate agent is generally the first person to contact. Real estate agents are traditionally seen as the go-to professionals for securing a mortgage and closing on a house. However, in many states, real estate attorneys also play an essential role in the property-buying process.

The best way to protect your real estate investment’s privacy and security is to consult with an experienced real estate attorney. Use this blog from Dan Burke Law to learn about the importance of real estate attorneys and which situations would be best to hire one.

What is a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate attorneys (also known as real estate lawyers) are licensed professionals that specialize in real estate law. Real estate attorneys guide you through the legal process of buying a home or other property. They can also negotiate a transaction for you, represent your interests during closing, review all paperwork and find any contractual issues within the documentation.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, real estate attorneys have years of experience and institutional knowledge of the real estate industry in their respective areas of practice. Because they are well-versed in both state and municipal regulations, they are especially beneficial to clients dealing with unusual real estate circumstances. A few examples include zoning issues or moving to an area with construction.

On top of that, the laws enacted by a state are frequently intended to prevent real estate agents from working in a legal capacity for which they are not trained or licensed. A real estate attorney would ensure that your real estate transaction is conducted ethically and follows all applicable regulations.

When Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate attorneys can represent both buyers and sellers. As a result, buyers and sellers frequently delegate the technical tasks of a real estate transaction (such as closing) to real estate attorneys. In fact, in many states, real estate attorneys are required to supervise the closing. Here are those who do:

· Alabama
· Connecticut
· Delaware
· District of Columbia
· Florida
· Georgia
· Kansas
· Kentucky
· Maine
· Maryland
· Massachusetts
· Mississippi
· New Hampshire
· New Jersey
· New York
· North Dakota
· Pennsylvania
· Rhode Island
· South Carolina
· Vermont
· Virginia
· West Virginia

Even if your state does not require the services of a real estate attorney, their work is still worthwhile. They “diagnose” your real estate transaction by examining all contracts and agreements and defending your buyer or seller rights. Dan Burke Law recommends that all parties engaged in real estate transactions seek the assistance of a real estate attorney, especially first-time homeowners or those in unique situations such as foreclosure or divorce settlement.

How Do I Find a Real Estate Attorney?

There are a few different avenues to finding a trustworthy real estate attorney. Dan Burke suggests asking your real estate agent or a title company for referrals. Additionally, you can contact your local American Bar Association chapter for recommendations or a non-profit group that assists homeowners. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, Dan Burke suggests interviewing at least a few to assess their experience and fees.

Contact Dan Burke Law!

A real estate attorney is dedicated to protecting your and your financial interests. They read the fine print, ask the questions you may not know how to ask and walk you through every step of the real estate process.
Dan Burke Law has been guiding real estate investors at every step of the real estate process for the past 19 years. Contact Dan Burke Law today if you’ve decided to hire a real estate attorney to help you with your San Antonio real estate transaction.


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