Why probate a will?

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If you aren’t familiar with legal terms, dealing with a will or any type of estate can seem confusing at first. But don’t let this stress you out – we’re here to help. A probate will is a will that has been approved by the court so it is seen as valid. Once a will has been validated, the executor of the estate is also confirmed. So why should you probate a will? Check out some of these cases in which it’s necessary to probate a will.


No will exists

If there is no will at the time of a person’s death, one will need to be probated. This is necessary to ensure that the assets and properties are distributed correctly and to the right people. To do this, you’ll need to contact a probate lawyer.


The assets are solely in the deceased person’s name

When this happens, you will need to probate the will to move the properties and assets into an executor’s name. This will make the transfer of assets legitimate and much more simple.


Issues with a current will

Sometimes issues arise with a will. These can include anything that may question the legitimacy of the will. For example, if someone believes it was drafted out of fraud or there are mistakes in the will.


You have a valid will

Once you’ve created your valid will, going through the probate process will make it legal and binding as seen by the courts. This will help to make sure everything is distributed as you have planned.


Deciding whether you’re going to probate a will or not may depend on the situation you find yourself in. Contact a probate lawyer at Dan Burke Attorney at Law for more information.



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