What Is Business Identity Theft?

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Did you know that identity theft can happen on a large scale? Very few people understand how this issue can affect more than just one individual in certain scenarios. Business identity theft is extremely damaging for small companies and can cause unnecessary stress. At Dan Burke Law, our goal is to provide high-quality services at affordable prices for every client looking for help with legal problems.

We want every small business in San Antonio to thrive, which is why we offer free consultations and quick responses to all your legal questions. Read on for more information about our mission as a general practice firm and ways to battle business identity theft at any time!

Business Identity Theft Simplified

So what exactly does business identity theft entail? This crime can be directed towards both big and small companies. A criminal will usually attempt to copy the essence of a business by obtaining sensitive information on how that company is run. Any digital forms or paperwork that looks into a business’s bank accounts, credit transactions, client records and more needs to be protected. When this information is stolen and used without consent, business identity theft has occurred.

How To Avoid This Issue

Wondering how you and your team can fend off business identity theft? When it comes to safeguarding your company’s data, some of the best ways to do so are by:

  • · Not sending sensitive information in an email
  • · Consistently monitoring business records
  • · Keeping identification papers, personal information and account numbers locked down
  • · Obtaining a commercial credit report for your company
  • · Staying alert and watching out for suspicious activity
  • · Enabling security notifications from your bank and service providers


Signs Theft Has Occurred And How To Fight Back

If you are not careful, it can be easy to miss the signs that your company’s identity has been stolen. Here are some signals that shouldn’t be ignored and ways to fight back against business identity theft.

Theft Hints

Your company may be experiencing identity theft if you notice:

  • · Bills coming out of nowhere for transactions you did not authorize
  • · New accounts created without your knowledge
  • · Strange bank withdrawals
  • · Missing bills or credit reports


Ways To Combat Theft

If you feel that your company’s identity has been compromised, the next best steps for you and your team to follow are:

  • · File a police report at your local law enforcement agency.
  • · Notify the banks and credit companies you work with that there was a theft.
  • · Seek out guidance from a fraud department.
  • · Install fraud alerts on your business accounts.
  • · Attempt to contact those in charge of fraudulent arrangements you’ve found.
  • · Scan account statements for mistakes.


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