When To Hire A Legal Coach

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The worlds of business and real estate require quite a bit of legal knowledge. While you may have experience in marketing or accounting for a business, the legal requirements may be more difficult to navigate. At Dan Burke Law, we know the various laws, protocols and standards that small businesses and real estate businesses need to follow.

If you need help managing contracts, employee rights or various other policies, legal coaching may be right for you. Even if your business has been around for a while, legal coaching can still be of service to you. Here are the signs your San Antonio business should hire a legal coach and what you can expect in return.

You’re Starting A New Business

If you’re starting a small business, you might be overwhelmed with all of the legal policies you have to follow. A legal coach who knows how to start a business can tell you how to navigate:

  • Contracts
  • Assets
  • Purchases
  • Corporate/website policies
  • Employee rights
  • Entity creation

By hiring a legal coach, you can save precious hours that you may have spent searching for answers in books or online. Think of a legal coach as a source of guidance who can help you reach your full potential as a business while minimizing legal mistakes.

Your Revenue Has Slowed

Even if you have a business already, a legal coach can help you boost your revenue. Over time, your revenue might start to slow down or fail to increase. When this happens, a coach can help you strategize on how to gain more clients and avoid mistakes.

Business growth depends on legal accuracy and decision-making. Instead of managing sales and purchases for your business on your own, consider hiring a coach to ensure accuracy and viability. Although the investment may feel risky in a time of shrinking revenue, the valuable counsel you receive will pay off in the long run as your revenue increases.

You Want To Redirect Your Business

Finding your niche can be tricky, and you may decide that you want to change or expand your business’s focus after a few years. Don’t let the thought of legal action stunt your dreams – hire a coach for legal aid!

A legal coach can help you pivot your business by guiding you through:

  • Rebranding
  • Forming new client or partner relationships
  • Drafting contracts

If you don’t know where to start when changing your business’s focus, a legal coach can provide expert knowledge. Seeking the advice of a business lawyer will help you prevent avoidable legal errors in the pivoting process.

How Can Dan Burke Law Help?

If you’re a San Antonio small business or work in real estate, Dan Burke Law could be your legal coach. In business and real estate, the language of contracts and navigation of laws can be tricky. With the help of experienced business and real estate lawyers like Dan Burke, you can avoid mistakes and maximize revenue.

Hire A San Antonio Legal Coach Today!

Whether you’re looking for legal coaching, estate planning or legal advice, Dan Burke Law can help. We provide many services from small business resources to estate law counsel. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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