3 Questions To Ask A Real Estate Attorney


If you’ve ever had to hire a lawyer before, you probably know some of the initial questions to ask before deciding which lawyer will work best with you and your case. But if you are in the market for a real estate attorney, some of those questions may differ just a bit. However, there are still some general questions you should ask a real estate attorney.

How long have you practiced law?

Depending on the complexity of your case, you may be looking for very specific characteristics in a lawyer – and one of those characteristics may be having experience with a case like yours in the past. So when you find out how long they’ve been practicing law, they may even explain other cases they’ve worked on that are similar to yours.

How will you go about my case?

You should know how your potential future attorney is going to handle your case, and an attorney shouldn’t be shocked that you asked this question – it’s common to ask this no matter what type of law you’re dealing with. If a lawyer has experience with a case like yours, they may even outline how they went about it in the past.

What will my fee be?

Before you make your final decision on any type of attorney, you should always know the following:

  • exactly how much they charge
  • if there are any upfront fees
  • how the cost will get billed
  • what the total charge covers

If you’re turning to a lawyer for legal help, it’s likely you’re already in a stressful situation. So you don’t want to end up getting charged any differently than what is expected and stress yourself out more. You should also know exactly what the cost is covering – is it just covering your one-on-one meetings, or does it cover outside work on your lawyer’s behalf, too? Does it involve extra staff? Be sure to have all of this knowledge before making your choice.

Don’t miss out on asking questions before you choose a real estate lawyer to represent you. Contact Dan Burke today to find your real estate attorney in San Antonio today!


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