Why A Lawyer Should Draft Your Real Estate Lease

Real Estate Lease Lawyer

Why You Should Have A Lawyer Draft Your Real Estate Lease

Protecting yourself and your property should be priority number one when leasing your land, home or commercial building to a tenant, and an air-tight commercial lease or residential lease is necessary to ensure that. Having a lawyer on your side through the process can make all the difference. Hiring a lawyer to draft your lease agreement will save you time, money and possible frustration down the line. Real estate lawyers are experienced in tenant rights, fair housing and state leasing regulations.

Real Estate Lease Review

Having a lawyer conduct a real estate lease review can also be beneficial when you’re on the tenant side of the lease. A real estate attorney can examine the contract with their knowledge of the law and bring up any issues or risks that may have gone unnoticed in the agreement.

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Commercial leases are important to get thoroughly vetted, as well. If you are on the tenant side, you want to make sure that you and your business is protected – and you have the rights you desire. A lawyer can help you if you want to negotiate issues like maintenance, fees or building repairs. If you are on the landlord side, you want to make sure your lease covers all the necessary requirements. A lawyer can help you create the lease, negotiate terms and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to the building. Any landlord wants to be sure that they themselves are protected as well as their assets.

At Dan Burke, Attorney at Law, we have experience in real estate law and want to ensure that you and your assets are protected – both landlord or tenant. Before signing any contact or binding lease, have our expert real estate team at Dan Burke review your lease agreement.


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